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Industrial robots: handling

Payload capacities of up to 220kg and a maximum working reach of 2666mm.
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The Panasonic YS- & HS-G3 series provides an additional field of application capabilities within the existing robot product range.

Offering payload capacities of up to 220 kg and a maximum working range of 2666 mm. The YS-080G3 and HS-220G3 provide enhanced benefits for production automation solutions requiring work handling.

Used in combination with a Panasonic welding robot, the movements of both robots can be fully synchronized using the “Harmonizer Function”. This feature ensures the relative welding torch position to the work piece is maintained automatically. The programming of the weld position becomes as easy as working with a fixed work piece, ensuring that out-of-position welding can be avoided


  YS-080G3 HS-220G3
Payload (kg) 80kg 220kg
Repeatability (mm) 0.15mm 0.06mm
Weight (kg) 620kg 955kg
Max. Reach  2240mm 2666mm
Max. Working Range Swivel ± 180º ± 180º
Max. Working Range For/Backward -90º ~ +155º -65º ~ +80º
Max. Working Range Up/Downward -180º ~ +230º +230º ~ +130º
Max. Working Range Rotation ± 360º ± 360º
Max. Working Range Bending ± 125º ± 128º
Max. Working Range Twisting ± 360º ± 360º
Max. Speed Swivel 170º/s 120º/s
Max. Speed For/Backward 140º/s 105º/s
Max. Speed Up/Downward 160º/s 115º/s
Max. Speed Rotation 230º/s 145º/s
Max. Speed Bending 230º/s 145º/s
Max. Speed Twisting 350º/s 220º/s
Allowable Moment Rotation 400Nm 1420Nm
Allowable Moment Bending 400Nm 1420Nm
Allowable Moment Twisting 200Nm 770Nm