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LAPRISS (Laser Processing Robot Integrated System Solution)

Laser trepanning head mounted on a Panasonic robot with seamless interfacing between process and automation components.
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Panasonic provides complete system solutions according to the concept ‘All from one manufacturer’ with the new development of laser welding: LAPRISS!

LAPRISS (Laser Processing Robot Integrated System Solution) uses the Panasonic servo control technology for controlling the laser trepanning head to generate several welding pattern and beam functions. This technological advantage makes the laser head extremely compact and light weight with a payload weight of only 4kg.
An advantage of this low weight is to allow the laser head to be mounted to the high speed compact Panasonic TM series of robots.
The result is a complete system with unique compactness and a seamless interface between the process and automation components.

Because of its unique solution, LAPRISS has the potential to replace existing large foot print welding systems with a solution providing high speed that is immensely flexible and dramatically reduces floor space requirements.