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The PA-c-TT Connect cell combines a 6-axis robot with an integrated power source with the versatility of a compact and easy-to-use welding solution for small-and medium-sized production sites.
Robot and Welding PA_c_TT

PERFORMARC PA-c-TT connect safety cell

The PA-c-TT Connect cell combines all the advantages of a complete 6-axis robot with the unique selling point of the integrated power source at an unbeatable price/performance ratio with the simplest applicability and production reliability.
The requirement to implement practical solutions for welding tasks in a straightforward and fast manner, even for small series and quantities, was realized with this cell plug-and-weld-concept.
We support our customers with the easy-to-use operation and clever design of the cell.

The PA-c-TT Connect safety cell can be customized according to your needs. A large number of options are available to complement your system in order to suit your application optimally. Options such as positioners, service windows, and other useful details are part of the possible product specifications. A wide range of welding processes with corresponding welding torch solutions for the best possible results complete the product portfolio.

Especially small- and medium-sized companies are increasingly faced with the challenge of implementing cost-effective automation systems for welding small quantities.
With the concept of PA-c-TT cell, Panasonic realizes the economic efficiency with the increasingly difficult situation to find qualified employees.

The standard PA-c-TT cell includes:

  • Robot controller with integrated power source TAWERS WG3 MAG/MIG/TIG welding process incl. Pulse
  • Base plate, socket for robot, two welding tables
  • Protective enclosure, service door, electrical monitored
  • Horizontal, manually movable door, electrical monitored or interlocked with light barriers
  • 6-Axis Manipulator TM-1400
  • Gas-cooled torch 350A, cable management, torch safety holder

Due to the well-thought-out cell design, the PA-c-TT cell can be relocated easily to meet a flexible space requirements at the production site. With 2-stations and appropriate safety technology, the design of the cell entitles Panasonic to CE certification of the entire system.
Your advantage: an economical, flexible, production-securing automated welding system.

Possible options to the standard:

  • Service window
  • Torch cleaning device
  • Fume hood above the welding area
  • Positioner

    250kg positioner PD250
    500kg positioner PD500

  • Water-cooled torch 400A
  • Super Active welding process incl. servo pull torch

    350A gas-cooled for steel
    400A water-cooled for steel
    350A water-cooled for aluminum


Model PA-c-TT
Table equipment area (mm)  800 x 600
Load capacity (kg)  400 per side
Overall dimensions (L x W x H cm) approx. 290 x 250 x 230
Weight (kg) approx. 2700
Robot type TM-1400



1. Controller

2. Base plate, Socket for robot, 2 fixed tables

3. Horizontal, manually movable door, electrical monitored with interlocked with light barriers

4. Gas cooled torch unit 350A, cable management, torch safety holder



5. Robot controller with integrated power source TAWERS WG3 MAG/MIG/TIG welding process incl. pulse

6. 6-Axis-Manipulator TM-1400

7. Safety housing, service door, electrically queried