PFSE factory solutions mood


The FATP-solution is using robots, automatization and production control to realize a high-quality, fully automated low-cost production system.


Panasonic’s Parallel Link Robot (PLR) is available for a number of applications such as PTH component insertion, assembly, adhesive application, soldering and wiring and other work that is still carried out manually downstream of the  SMT  production  line. 

The PLR  is  a  device  that  can  easily  be programmed  for  various  different  production  applications  that  are  to  be  automated. These  include  the insertion  of  electronic  components  of  different  types  and  sizes,  wiring,  assembly,  applying  adhesives, soldering and labelling.

A combination of multiple applications with just one system is also possible. The incorporation of PLRs at the end of an SMT line makes it possible to comply with quality specifications and simplifies complicated placement procedures, such as processing special components.  A reduction in production costs can also be expected.

The simple “direct teaching” method is carried out by means of hand-guided “learning”, in which the movement of a human hand is recorded and stored with extreme precision.  The  6-axis  PLR  can  work  for  24  hours  a  day;  unlike  normal robots,  no  typical  specialist  or programming knowledge is required to program it.