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Microelectronics Solutions

Delivering the latest systems for: plasma dicing and dry etching of wafers; plasma cleaning of wafers and substrates; and high quality ultrasonic flip-chip bonding of bare ICs.
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High quality & high precision equipment

With decades of experience - including as a manufacturer ourselves - we are continually improving our technologies and developing new solutions.

We provide a line-up of cutting-edge microelectronics equipment to help our customers reduce production costs and increase quality.

State-of-the-art: higher throughput, better quality, increased yield

factory_automation microelectronics APX300-DM
Micro Electronics

APX300 Plasma Dicer

Particle-free, damage-free, high yield plasma dicing.
factory_automation microelectronics PSX307_S
Micro Electronics

PSX307 Plasma Cleaner

Plasma cleaning utilizing parallel plate plasma cleaning technology.
factory_automation microelectronics APX300S
Micro Electronics

APX300 Dry Etcher

The perfect dry etching equipment for silicon and compound semiconductors.
factory_automation microelectronics MD-P300 Lsize
Micro Electronics

MD-P300 Flip-chip Bonder

High yield, high throughput ultrasonic flip-chip bonding.
factory_automation microelectronics MDP200
Micro Electronics

MD-P200 Die Bonder

High accuracy, high quality, ultrasonic flip-chip device bonding.
factory automation microelectronics PSX307A
Micro Electronics

PSX307A Plasma Cleaner

Wafer level parallel plate plasma cleaning technology.