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PSX307A Plasma Cleaner

Wafer level parallel plate plasma cleaning technology.
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Building upon the PSX307 Plasma Cleaner, the PSX307A Plasma Cleaner features an enlarged plasma chamber capacity that improves productivity. In addition, the PSX307A system is able to handle full wafers (both bare and on dicing frames). 

Besides the increased capacity, Panasonic's original Plasma Monitoring System suppresses abnormal discharges resulting in a secure and efficient production process. 

Additionally, the option to include a traceability functionality  ensures high level process Quality.

Features and benefits of Panasonic's PSX307A Plasma Cleaner

Surface cleaning and modification of wafers and substrates improves bondability and adhesivity in subsequent process steps. 

The PSX307A Plasma Cleaner increases production capabilities by offering an enlarged chamber capacity, which enables more wafers and / or substrates to be processed. 

The benefits of the Panasonic PSX307A are:

  • Panasonic original Plasma Monitoring System to suppress abnormal discharges 
  • Traceability functionality
  • Flexibility for various types of production
  • Achieves high quality products by plasma cleaning and pre-forming from wafer process to assembly process 


Model ID PSX307A
Model No. NM-EFP3A
Cleaning Method Parallel plate RF back-sputtering method
Gas for Electrical Discharge*1 Ar [Option:O2, O2 + He]
Substrate dimensions L 50mm × W 200mm*2 to L 350mm × W 350mm
Substrate thickness 0.1mm to 2.0mm
Dimension/Mass*3 W 900mm × D 1150mm × H 1650mm
(Excluding touch panel, operating part, and signal tower / 630kg)
Power source 1-phase AC 200 / 208 / 220 / 230 / 240 ± 10V, 50 / 60Hz , 6.00kVA
Adhesive dispenser 0.49MPa、25 L/min [A.N.R]


  1. If the optional oxygen gas (+He) is selected as discharge gas, nitrogen gas is also required to dilute exhaust.
  2. For the substrate with width < 30mm, please contact us.
  3. Tolerance of equipment dimension is ± 5mm, touch panel and signal tower is not included. Mass varies depending on configuration.

*Please refer to the specifications on Details


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