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The AM100 offers highest reliability, capacity and flexibility combined with cost-efficiency and gradual scalability in one high-mix solution.
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The AM100 meets the high standards of reliability, capacity and flexibility that customers look forward to in a cost-efficient, gradationally scalable, high-mix SMT solution. It only takes one machine to start off production and extra units and/or technologies can be easily integrated according to requirements.

The single-head (single beam) of Panasonic's AM100 modular placement machine is able to place an impressive component array including: 0402 mm to 120 x 90 x 2 8mm, odd-shaped components, large connectors, as well as advanced packaging types e.g.

The single solution AM100 provides high net productivity and versatility.

Equipped with a 14-nozzle head and 160 feeders the AM100 can place an impressive component range.

On top the non-stop changeover allows you to prepare the next product process during running production.

An off-line setup support station and a feeder set-up navigator option improves operating time and minimizes the downtime.


Model ID AM100
Model No. NM-EJM4D
PCB dimensions (mm) L 50 × W 50 to L 510 × W 460
Placement speed 35 800 cph (0.1006 s/chip); 12 200 cph (0.295 s/QFP 12 mm or less)
Placement accuracy (Cpk1) ±40 µm/chip ±50 µm/QFP 12 mm or less ±30 µm/QFP 12 mm over to 32 mm or less
Component supply Taping Tape4 ~ 56 / 72 / 88 / 104 mm
Tape feeder specification : Max. 160 (Tape : 4 / 8 mm tape (small reel) )
Tray feeder specification : Max. 120 *1
Tape feeder specification : Max. 40 (Single stick feeder)
Tray feeder specification : Max. 30 *1
Tray Tray feeder specification: Max. 20 *1 Manually setting tray specification: Max. 20 *2 (Option for the fixed feeder base)
Component dimensions (mm) 0402 chip *3 to L 120 × W 90 or L 150 × W 25 (T=28 *4)
PCB exchange time 4.0 s (where there is no placement component on the rear side)
Electric source 3-phase AC 200 / 220 V ±10 V, AC 380 / 400 / 420 / 480 V ±20 V 2.0 kVA
Pneumatic source Min.0.5 MPa to Max.0.8 MPa, 200 L /min (A.N.R.)
Dimensions (mm) W 1 970 × D 2 019 *5 × H 1 500 *6
Mass 2 650 kg *7


  1. In case of Single tray
  2. When installed on both sides of the rear fixed feeder base.
  3. The 0402 chip requires a specific nozzle/feeder. 0402 mounting compatibility is optional.
  4. For components with a height of 25 mm or more, a dedicated nozzle is required.
  5. The D measurement indicates the size of the machine with the fixed feeder bases in the front and rear. For front and rear feeder cart specifications,D measures 2282 mm and, with the tray feeder connected (front sidefixed feeder base), 2105 mm.
  6. The signal tower and touch panel are not included.
  7. The machine body plus 4 fixed feeder bases (varies depending on the machine layout).

* Values such as maximum speed and placement accuracy may vary depending on operating conditions.

* Please refer to the ‘‘Specification booklet'' for details.