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PanaCIM-EE Gen2: line management system

PanaCIM-EE Gen2 is the next generation of smart factory MES solution and connects digital and physical work, reporting and management areas.


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PanaCIM-EE Gen2 is the next generation of PanaCIM-EE, which allows for more efficient electronics manufacturing.

This digital planning tool is necessary to enable reliable data management. This applies not only to individual systems, but to entire production lines, in which the data of each individual machine is included in the analysis.

In addition, data from reports and management are included in the planning. This allows higher production rates and shorter cycle times to be achieved to make electronics production even more efficient and reliable.

The PanaCIM-EE Gen2 is the next generation of a smart factory solution, connecting the shop floor with overall the management system.

This includes precise inventory management, maximized factory performance based on a continuous production, total traceability, real time monitoring and optimization and an accurate in-time material supply.

  •  Material verification
  •  Material control
  •  Traceability
  •  Production monitoring/dispatch
  •  Production analysis
  •  Maintenance
  •  Enterprise link