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PanaCIM-EE: line management system

Panasonic line management system PanaCIM-EE connects SMT areas and syncs them with management systems to increase profitability and efficiency.


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In order to make electronics manufacturing more efficient, digital planning tools and reliable data management are becoming increasingly important. This applies not only to individual systems, but to entire production lines, in which the data of each individual machine is included in the analysis.

To achieve this, Panasonic developed the line management system PanaCIM-EE. With PanaCIM-EE, higher production rates and reduced cycle times can be achieved to make electronics production even more efficient and reliable.

The PanaCIM-EE provides an integrated management of an entire SMT floor and achieves enhanced quality, reduced costs and increased floor productivity.

This includes 8 functions, like traceability, production analysis plus monitoring and dispatching, material control and verification, maintenance management and the handling of production changeovers, linked to the customer system.

Application examples

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Predictive management of parts exhaust and automatic parts Output

(Material Verification + Material Control)

No waiting for parts to be supplied due to“No Parts"!

Realize Reduce labor resources and Productivity improvement !

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Component Supply Navigator

(Production Monitoring and Dispatch / Component Supply Navigator option)

  1. Reduction of the duration of machine downtime caused by parts exhaust by 73.1%*
  2. As a result of (1), the operating ratio increased by 10%*

*May vary depending on your operating environment.

System configuration examples

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CM series line

  1. PanaCIM-EE server (app server + controller server)
  2. PanaCIM maintenance server
  3. PT interface (communication with PT200)

*System configuration differs depending on applied machine. For details, contact your local distributor or sales representative.

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For NPM series or AM100 line